Our Family!

Mom aka Sarah-Anne

Dad aka Chris

After meeting in Toronto in 2003 (where I, Sarah-Anne was born and raised), Chris and I moved back to his home town of Penetanguishene. Life in a small town with a total population of less than 10,000 has its challenges, but we are reaping the benefits of living simpler all the time.

Lucien, (our very own ham), Marcus, (our sensitive one), and Alexander (our youngest)

The small town atmosphere is also more conducive for raising a family, and is a great place for our sons; six-year old Lucien, three-year old Marcus, and three-month old Alexander to enjoy the outdoors safely.

We also have some furry children at the homestead: our dogs Lexxy, Norah, and Daisy, and our cats Azreii and Lorien. We also have a flock of 9 layer hens now; five Barred Rocks and four Rhode Island Reds.

Though chaotic at the best of times, our home is certainly never devoid of warmth and love!
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