Tutorial: Mother Nature knitted doll

One way for our sons to have the changing of the seasons brought into our home is through our nature table. And the focal point of that table is our Mother Nature doll  (that is until I finish the Father Time doll!).

I tried looking for an existing pattern to base the doll on, but found nothing that was close enough, or that was offered free-of-charge, so once again, I've decided to go ahead and make my own.

This doll is not only a beautiful addition to any nature or display table, but also as a stand alone play doll. Our own Mother Nature was made to have my own hair and eyes, and can be made to mimic the mother in your own family (which is appropriate, I think!)

I have finally finished editing the patterns for the clothes! Now I havn't yet published them with photoshop, so they are not fancy; just the worded patterns, no pictures. I want to have feedback from a few people before I publish the final version, so until then the word document will have to do! You can download the pattern here.

To download the doll pattern from Google Docs, click here!

Once you have a doll completed, I would love to hear feedback, and see pictures of your lovely creation!
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