Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A House for Us!

Finally! It's been almost 6 years now since we moved to Penetanguishene, Ontario, and after much planning (and lots of saving!) we have finally purchased a home! It has been almost a month since we moved in, and have already begun the process of improving and adding equity to it. A co-worker gave us old tile that she didin't need any more, and Chris has almost finished installing it in the front entrance. It's amazing how great leftovers can look; the tile works so well against the hardwood and laminate already installed!

Now we've reached the point where we have to start allocating funds, and deciding what major projects/upgrades we want to do to the home over the next few years. This september I am hoping to have all the raised vegetable garden beds made, and then I can order all the seeds I need for the spring.

We plan on having 6 beds, each 4 x 7 feet that will fit along the south side of the backyard. I have already made a list of the various veggies we'll have, and even what will be planted in the same bed, and we will rotate the beds each year to allow for optimal soil condition.
We are also hoping that next spring we will buy our first solar panel. We are just going to connect the panel to the rest of the house (not have it power something specifically) and then once we've added a few, and with the addition of a "smart meter" they should go a long way in cutting electricity costs.
We were also going to be purchasing in a few years time a solar hot water heater, but when we received our first gas bill we also received a flyer for buying one though our local utility company

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