Sunday, March 28, 2010

Archaic posts...

As I was going through my computer today, I came across what I was hoping to be the start of this blog back in March of last year. Oh how much has changed! Though they are just short little blurbs, I thought they'd be fun to post anyways. Even when we were still at our apartment we tried to bring a little "homesteading" into our lives; and now, we can finally realise that true dream!

March 7, 2009:

Now that spring will be here within a month, it is time for us to start planning for all that must be done for this season and also the coming summer. Though the summers are beautiful here and draw visitors from all over the province and beyond; I still find the warmer season much shorter than I remember in Toronto. Not only does this mean less time to bask in the sun’s warm rays in only shorts and a t-shirt, but less time to use our electric bikes (or any bicycle for that matter), and less of a growing season for our gardens (though I have just recently discovered the idea of winter gardening, and cannot wait until I have a house to try some of the techniques on—but more on that later).

The season of the bike approaches:

So the first order of business for us (other than to start my seeds indoors) is to get our bikes in shape. Both have to be taken in to the shop for a tune-up, and I want to get my back breaks looked at again, so I can avoid any unpleasant surprises like those I had to deal with last fall. I also have to order a new adaptor for my bicycle, and unfortunately, it looks like we may need to order two new batteries as well. But we shall see. If the snow keeps melting the way it has the past few days, it probably won’t be long before Chris starts riding to work; I want to wait until I know there is no chance of ice or snow build up along the highway, but that may take until April.

No garden for me...

With the excitement that comes in buying a house this summer; also comes the disappointment that I will not be able to have a full herb and vegetable garden this year. Though I am determined to still have some fresh food growing, so I have decided to start herbs indoors this year, and then once the fear of frost has passed, grab some tomato sprouts from Chris’ uncle and plant two bushes in pots on either side of the front door. I am thinking to leave as a present to our landlord some nice annuals in the garden instead.

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