Friday, April 9, 2010

And baby makes four!

After months of waiting, planning, and painting (to which Lucien's room is STILL not finished!), our new son has finally arrived!

Marcus Raphael arrived on April 5, just 5 days early of his due date (I was not even the least upset by that - I am glad to have it over and to finally meet my son!), and thus far has been a hale and hardy little boy! Though we've been home since Wednesday things are still quite chaotic; and with not much semblance of a routine. I do have Chris home for another two weeks which has been a tremendous help, I don't know how I would survive without him! We are quickly learning to tag team between both boys, and I am sure the routine is soon to follow.
Another bonus to having Chris home is that rapid headway is being made on the side yard and gardens. One bed is completely in (it was my surprise present!), and the other two have been framed out. We just need to order about 3 cubic yards of topsoil to flesh out the beds and a truckload of wood chips for the walkways, and we'll be ready to plant! I even had the drive to begin clearing out the herb garden of rocks and debris the weekend before Marcus was born, so all Chris has to do is finish tilling it and it'll be ready to plant as well.
This weekend I planted my onion bulbs (they should have been in already) and I'll be starting my seeds indoors for the other veggies, and once the May 24 weekend arrives, we'll be ready to go!

It's amazing, but with the birth of Marcus, our resolve to channel our lifestyle to one that is more sustainable has been strengthened even more. I look at the progress that has been made with the gardens in particular, and I so look forward to feeding my family fresh fruits and vegetables that we have grown ourselves. To know exactly what is going into our food is important, as well as to know no pesticides/artificial fertilisers will be present either.


  1. I hope you find this comment...congrats on the birth of your baby! Busy, busy time. I don't even REMEMBER my second child's first year...then we had a third! Now we just call it a three ring circus and enjoy it all for what it is! Life with kids...Look forward to following your urban adventures!

  2. Congratulations!!!
    You might enjoy my friend Leah's blog:

    I will tell her about you. :)

  3. Thank you for the wondeful comments - the first month has already gone by, and I have no idea where it went! The wee one is HUGE, probably pushing 9 1/2 lbs already (he was just over 7 to begin with!), but we've been having some issues with his older brother over the last week. He was fine right up until Chris went back to work, now he's overly sensitive and has been acting out; and we've noticed some anger issues as well. Thankfully nothing directed towards Marcus, just at his toys/mom/dad.

    And I shall definitly check out the other blog, I love seeing what others are doing with their homes; I get great inspiration that way!
    Thank you for taking the time to read and respond!


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