Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mermaids and Crocodiles

Today the boys and I started a new routine.

I got up early with Chris, made his lunch, dressed, fed Marcus while drinking my tea, and then bundling Lucien in a blanket in the stroller and Marcus in the moby wrap (still in their pyjamas, I might add!), we followed Chris out the door for a walk at quarter to eight. Whereas I usually try to stay in bed to feed Marcus, and don't leave the bedroom 'til that time!

We headed down towards the harbour, leaving the chaos of the morning rush behind and took the sidestreets; the last person scrambling to their car nothing but a distant melody.


We reached the water, and suddenly the calmness enveloped us. The sky a bright blue with the sun just breaking above the trees cast a pale golden light across the harbour. There was not much of a breeze, a soft cool breath that was barely enough to break the glassy surface of the water. We found a bench and sat, serenaded by the red-winged blackbirds, geese, and occassional chickadee, and watched a lone man in a canoe cast his line. Lucien pointed out to me everything he saw; from mermaids, to crocodiles, to dolphins. I never knew there was such an ecosystem in our little patch of Georgian Bay!

It was hard to make myself get up to leave, but already the air was getting warmer, and the sound of the town coming to life was starting to reach our ears. As we walked back towards the hill home, we passed several elderly couples, just starting their morning walk.

I really do love the morning, the thought that you are the only one awake; one with the silence of human noise, but alive with the sounds of nature.

Once the sun comes up though, it's as if the spell is broken and we have to head home once again: to start the day.

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