Thursday, January 16, 2014


Hi! It's me! Remember me? Well some days, I don't.

I get so caught up in the daily tasks and activities that the blog doesn't even pass my mind once. Or when it does, it's a feeling of guilt that I've left you all for so long, and promise myself I'll catch you up when I get the chance. Which doesn't seem to come. Or, I'll just force a post, at least twice a week. Well you see, that doesn't work, either. When I am tired, or simply pre-occupied in another frame of mind, I simply cannot force the creative spark. And If I start forcing myself to write, I'll no longer enjoy it. And then the real possibilities exist that I will stop altogether.

This is not a job, it is fun!

Okay; enough excuses. I do have some exciting things I want to share! One of the main reasons I've not had the time nor the energy is this little fellow:

Meet Alexander! No 10 month old has ever been more proud
of the fact he is now tall enough to get in to EVERTHING!
As a baby Alexander has been a delight, but he is still, a baby. And if I've learned anything about having three boys it is this: Boys are BUSY!

Busy, fun, loud, imaginative, silly, and BUSY! There is never a dull moment to be had and I would have it no other way. We are so lucky to have the wonderful sons we do, and I've often thought of my role as this:

I am a friend to dragons;
Tailor to Kings;
Sailor of pirate ships;
Preparer of feasts;
Doctor to war wounds;
Slayer of demons and

Comforter of broken spirits.
But above all, I am Wife to a King, and Mother to three handsome Princes!

(And I take that job VERY seriously.)

As you can imagine, last year was very exciting, and to be honest I am not sure where all the time went. As the Holidays are over and a new year is upon us, I am now looking towards the things yet to come: home renovations, the gardens to be planted, new chicks to grow (our current flock will be culled this Autumn so we will have to bring home their replacements this Spring) and of course, my impending return to "work." (Because, of course, I have not been working this past year!)

Things in our home seem to always be in a state of flux, and so now I will leave you and promise, promise to write back again soon!

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