Friday, June 5, 2015

First sprouts, and then some...

Last weekend we finally finished the last of the planting, late as it was. By this point we are usually thinning the rows of beet and radish, this year the first of the latter are only now poking through the soil. That being said, we've added some new additions to our plant list; sunflowers, and these little green gems:

tiny bok choy sprouts - these are excellent eaten raw or lightly steamed
 I love bok choy. Just ask my husband, who is less-than-thrilled when I try to sneak the veggie into every Asian-themed stir fry or salad I make. I can't help myself, it is just so darn tasty! And this variety I discovered from our seed company are meant to be picked young when just 3 inches tall which means I should get at least two, maybe three crops out of them this summer!

Another aspect I love from our garden is the sheer variety of shades of green. From the muted blue-ish green tops of mature onions to the bright green of the raspberry bushes I am constantly amazed at the tonal cornucopia nature provides us. Have I mentioned green is my favourite colour?

an apple beginning to take shape

cooking onions and garlic

raspberry flowers - I believe this means we have missed our window to transplant

Much to my delight the new annual vegetables we planted are not the only things sprouting; some of the perennial edibles have begun to bloom their flowers as well.

thyme flowers are known to be one of the favourite nectar sources for bees

our "grape" clusters have also begun to flower - here's hoping we get fruit!

a tiny fly collects nectar from a rhubarb flower - can you spot it?
So far I would say it's been a good start to the growing season. Now will come the more difficult part of keeping the gardens weeded. Any helpers?

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