Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My first Waldorf-inspired Doll!

I finally did it! I made my first Waldorf-inspired doll! She reprisents Mother Nature, and I designed the pattern myself to go in our Nature Corner. She is completely knit, and I'll be posting the pattern as a free download as soon as I finish her clothes. I gave myself the deadline of Sept 20th to finish her (clothes and all), though I'd also like to have some more mushroom-children and perhaps some acorn ones finished as well.

I am making her so she'll have a new outfit every season (basing her clothing off 18th century patterns), and then by December 20th I want to have Father Time finished; wearing the outfit of King Winter.

If I want it all done though, I better stop typing and start knitting!

Another pattern that will be posted soon is another market produce bag; I'm almost finished!

This last shot was supposed to show the detail of the braided bun, but the camera focused instead on my husband's painting. I'll take some more photos when her clothes are done!


  1. Oh wow - that is beautiful! I was just thinking of introducing the Duda to "Mother Nature" and "Father Sun", this would be wonderful to make. I can't wait to see the pattern - thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks! It's trial and error when I make the patterns, and I am almost done the jacket/gown and petticoat. I hope to have the patterns finished and published by September; I'll keep you posted!

  3. She looks great!...Post when you get her gown done, I would love to see it...

  4. You are an inspiration! I have created 2 Waldorf dolls for my daughter. I *want* to make more, but the heads kick my rear-end. I even went as far as purchasing a prepared head from Weir dolls in order to avoid making the head myself, but have never used it. The dolls I made for my daughter are the only ones she has ever played with. She has had store bought dolls given to her, but never touched them. She's nearly 10 now, and doesn't pay much attention to her dolls, but the memory is in both of our minds and I will always remember how much she loved the dolls I made.

    Mine were not knitted, though. They were made from cotton interlock. You are awesome for knitting yours!

  5. Thank you Amy! I have such wonderful memories of the dolls my mother made my siblings and I; in fact the larger dolls she made my sister and I were brought everywhere: shopping, camping, playing outide! My own still has the signs of wear (and strawberry jam!) from playing as a child, and I cherish the fact that they were dolls made in love.

    I have not yet made my own larger cotton doll, but I have the beginnings of one still at my mother's. I do not think my boys will play with them, but I still may make her just for myself!

    Thank you for commenting!


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