Friday, August 6, 2010

Rainbows to chase grey skies

Last week we implemented a new part to our daily routine; Craft and Art Time. For the most part it has just been Lucien and I drawing with crayons, but I am wanting to get into some other activities as well.

After reading a post by FroggyMama, I got the inspiration to create some rainbow fairies of our very own! Using food colouring and yes, those are baby wipes, we first dyed all the sheets in the primary colours.

Then we overdyed half of the sheets to create the secondary colours, and when we were done, ended up with 12 sheets in red, blue, yellow, green orange and purple. One colour each for mom and Lucien.

Of course, the moment I hung them on the line the grey skies opened up, and we had to rush to hang them in the bathroom.

It took them a full day to dry, so the next day's activity was to create the little fairies. Lucien was able to help scrunch up the wool for the heads, but after two quickly lost interest. Lego was more important!

I used some dogwood left over from the Holiday Wreath I made last year, and I think it made for a very nice centrepiece! Mind you it wont stay, as soon as I have the shelf up for my Nature Corner, I think I shall move it there.


  1. Beautiful! I love the tree idea - they look so neat fluttering on the branches.

  2. Thanks! Actually, I had the kitchen windows open today and as it was quite windy, they did seem to flutter about. It was quite magical!


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