Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nature Corner

A big part of the sacrifices we have made over the past few years, and the changes to our lifestyle we have adopted have been for our children. Most of them have not been any easier, but we have made them for the simple fact that we are offering our sons a better life because of it. We do our part socially, economically, and environmentally so that they may have a brighter and more rewarding future.

Our sons will know the meaning of living sustainably; of how to live frugally; and where their food comes from. Often times we are teased for going about things the hard way, but we can rest assured that our boys will understand that the best things in life come after working hard for them. This usually means not using electricity or tools with an outside power source, but they will learn that they can take pride in what their hands create. That there is almost nothing better than the satisfaction of accomplishing a difficult task, and being able to reap the rewards thereafter.

Knitted mushrooms, for Autumn

Yet I have my own personal reasons for wanting my children to live this way. In doing so, I am connecting them closer to nature, and Mother Earth. Though my religious and spiritual beliefs have soften somewhat over the past few years, I still have a great Reverence for the natural world, and want both Lucien and Marcus to learn respect and have a love for natures rhythms.

Part of how I will bring the natural world into our home is through a nature table, or nature corner. This is something I learnt while attending elementary school at the Alan Howard Waldorf School. It is simply a small shelf or table, where each season or holiday is set a different scene. Little creatures or spirits can be sewn (or in my case, knitted) to represent different aspects of the season (such as flower children for Spring, or Autumn leaf fairies), and organic matter brought from outside, like branches, pine corns, or acorns.
The table should be set up within reach of the children so they can help set up each season, or play while they are learning about the natural world. For me this is important as we will celebrate harvest time, the Winter and Summer Solstices, planting season, and the new year. As they get older, they will be able to help create the scenes, and it will become a focal point of their nature education.


  1. Do you have any tips on keeping your nature table items ON the nature table? My kids dismantle it daily...and destroy the birds' nests and flowers I place there! Sigh. Maybe I have to knit everything! I want it to be at their level so they can enjoy it BUT I cringe everytime I walk in the room and see everything scattered around!! LOVE those little toadstools! They're amazing, full of character!

  2. Thank you; and alas, I do not have any tips either. That is one of the reasons I decided to make everything knitted (I am working on publishing the patterns on Rav - I should have them up soon!), I do not worry about them being destroyed. (Unless of course the puppy gets to them, but then I'll probably just make a pair of slippers out of her!) I actually have a pattern qeued for a knitted bird's nest, though I'll probably not get to it until next spring!


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