Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shiver me Timbers!

Imagine the best pirate voice you ever did hear...

Hallo me hearties! Mommy-pirate here, and I'm gonna regail you with such a tale as to make your head swim like th' fishes! It all started last Sunday, when a wee pirate, Captain Lucien, decided he wanted to throw a deck party for all his skurvy dogs on account of it being the day I did birthin' him.

His own pirate prize, that me and his pirate-king father did see fit to give him was a set of brand new slops,  fashioned after the greatest of all pirates, Captain Jack Sparrow (at least as far as the wee lad is concerned!) complete with tricorn, linen pirate shirt, and many belts to hold fast his saber!

So we hoisted the anchor, raised the main sail hull, and took off to the grandest party you ever did see! There was much lootin' and pillaging and all 'round debauchery. We showed those landlubbers how to party! Yarr!!!!

We brought out plenty of grub and grog, enough to have everyone three sheets to the wind, and our cook even prepared a cake with the pirate Sparrow taking on the British Surprise!

And what would a pirate party be without a treasure hunt! All the scallywags came out to search, and after finding loot enough to kit out the Royal Navy, they at last found their prize: a chest full of [chocolate] gold!

Even our more gentler guests got into the spirit of it, and Captain Lucien made off with all sorts of pirate-themed swag!

All around it was a grand affair, and lasted well past nine bells! After all, it was have fun, or walk the plank!!!

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