Friday, September 24, 2010


I've forgotten what it is like to live in the city; and living in a small town often makes you take certain things for granted.

Silence, for instance.

I am visiting my family in Toronto, and last night had to step outside for a moment. Ignoring the fact that the night sky is a pale orange instead of black; and that stars are nowhere to be seen; I couldn't get over the noise!

I am not talking about the sound of cars or sirens, which though annoying; are to be expected when you live so close to a major road. It's the constant electrical hum: almost inaudible, but yet hits you to your very core. I don't remember hearing it when I lived here, and I bet most people don't even notice. But it takes leaving for a while to actually notice again.

And as far as taking things for granted, you forget how wonderful true silence it. And the noises we do hear just connect us to nature: birds chirping, the wind in the trees, cicadas rubbing their wings.

We truly are fortunate.

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