Thursday, January 13, 2011

A New Year's Suprise!

There are many changes that are going to take place over the next year here at the Homestead, and just now the first one has become a reality!

For a while now I've wanted to start taking footage and create some videos to suppliment the blog (which became even more important once we stopped having use of our camera!), but that has been exeedingly difficult considering we didn't own a video recorder.

But no longer! One of my gifts from Chris this year was a beautiful little Flip camera, and since Christmas Day I've been wanting to share that footage with you!

Alas, editing (and filming oneself for that matter) is much more difficult than I imagined. For starters, I find I am still quite self concience speaking into the camera. Me. Camera shy. I know, it's hard to imagine. But this strange phenomenom occurs whenever the little red light goes on: suddenly I forget everything I planned to say, I get nervous, and my voice gets high and sqeaky.

I know it will pass; the more I film the more comfortable and less self concious I'l become, but in the meantime, please bear with me!

This was also my very first attempt at film editing ever. I just know that in a year or so I'll look back at this video and loath it, but I also know that's just the learning experience right there. But for the almost two hours of footage shot, I still couldn't believe the end result was under 9 minutes!

Though I want the vlogs to be regular, at this point I am not sure what regular means. I still have footage from Boxing Day and New Years to edit, and a short vlog about our piano and painting space. What I do know is that the vlogs will vary in content, including but not limited to:
  • Cooking and baking recipes
  • Family antics and special events at the homestead
  • Knitting, sewing, and crafting tutorials
So before this gets too long, here it is: Christmas Day at the Homestead!


  1. Your video was very sweet. :) and your boys are so cute and adorable!! =)


  2. Thanks! I still feel self concious of it; but I am proud of it to!


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