Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Preparing for the Holidays Part 4: Wreath Making Bee

Next year, when I am presumably more organized (do I not say that every year!?!), I want to hold more workshops, tutorials, and other simple gatherings for the women (and men!) in our family and neighbourhood to come together with the purpose of creating handmade and crafty Holiday gifts. I've been inspired by some of the craft ideas I've seen on other blogs, and now I am just itching to try them out myself!

But that is not to say I havn't been able to organize anything yet this year. In fact, last night we (the women of my husband's family) held what I hope will be our first annual wreath making bee. It was a wonderfully successful time, filled with delicious food, aromatic hot mulled cider, and of course, the scent of a mountain of evergreen:

We had everything set up in our kitchen, and listening to the sound of children's laughter in the next room, began our work:

I am always amazed how that even with the same supplies available and the same techniques used, we were all able to create unique and beautiful works of art:

Edit: Last night I forgot to take pictures of my own wreath, but it was just as well. My mother in law gave me a beautiful string of lights for the wreath, so I was able to take some pictures with them on!


  1. Oh,
    These are beautiful!!
    How much fun to make them with others.

  2. The wreaths are all beautiful! I'll have to try my hand at making one sometime. :)

  3. Thank you! They were a lot of fun to create, made all the more so with great company!


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